The electronic door lock for your home

The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smart phone into a smart key.
It opens the door for you when you get home and locks it again when you leave. Thanks to the door sensor, you can always be sure that the door
is closed.

  • ·  Lock and unlock right on your smart phone.
  • ·  AutomCaoticnusntrloucckitnag roef your front door as you approach.
  • ·  Simple retrofitting on the inside of your door without screwing or drilling.
  • ·  Grant individual access permissions for family and friends.
  • ·  Voice control with Siri.

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Nuki Smart Lock Nuki Combo Nuki Fob Nuki Keypad Nuki Opener
Up to 250 Unit £165.00 £225.00 £35.00 £60.00 £75.00
> 250 Units £161.00 £215.00 £33.00 £57.00 £73.00
> 500 Units £158.00 £210.00 £31.00 £54.00 £70.00
> 2.500 Units £153.0 £200.00 £28.00 £50.00 £67.00


The most technologically advanced fire extinguisher

This unique P50 foam and powder fire extinguishers employ the design technology of composite materials pioneered by the aerospace and motor racing industries.
The main construction of the P50 is a High-Density Polyethylene Aramid fibre (Kevlar®) type material woven onto the body, it is strong and incredibly light. The Aramid fibre type material is also used in butane/propane gas bottles, towing ropes, bullet-proof vests, fireproof gloves and many other products.

British-made, the P50 extinguishers incorporate three patented elements – the weave, blow moulded inner body and a locking neck ring. The outer body is UV protective. The operational valve has double pressure indicators to ensure cross calibrating.

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PRICE: £119.00 (+VAT) inc. Delivery


mass fever screening systems keeping everyone safe

The quick, effective way to protect your staff and customers, and help stop the spread of viruses.

• Detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in just one second

• Multi-person detection simultaneously
• Accuracy level of +/- 0.3°
• No contact required by system operator
• Alarm to notify operator of temperature variants
• AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources • Quick and easy to set-up
• Suitable for a range of environments

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PRICE: £4500.00 (+VAT) inc. Delivery, Free I.T. Support & initial Setup.