Who We Are

Design&construct is a construction management & resourcing company, offering complete packages on single and multi spec projects from inception to completion.
Multi-specialized and multi-disciplined professionals delivering projects safely and efficiently with affiliations to specialist groups & companies, making us a force to be reckoned with.


Our services include but are not limited to new build, internal fit-out and refurbishment, conversions, technical consultancy (waterproofing, design, structural, research), lifting operations, project management, plant supply, plant movement, site logistics (RAMS, emergency response plan, traffic management, logistic plans), site set up and recruitment.


Design&Construct have partnered up with a wide range of specialists in a bid to cover all areas.
Recruitment, Cladding and facade Inspection, Fit-out, Strip-Out and Refurbishment, RC Frames, Ground and Civil Works, Structural and Civil Design, Structural Waterproofing Design, Party Wall surveying.We have done the leg work for you, amassing the best in the industry under one umbrella. Whether that be resourcing... etc.


The company started as a partnership between professionals in the industry. There were times where we worked together on different projects and got to know each other both professionally and personally. Realising that with our combined knowledge and experience we can deliver high quality products.

We decided to get together and form a company that would provide quality, professionalism, knowledge and experience in respective fields.

We are in the best position to deliver the most challenging and complex projects on time, due the vast range of experience amassed.
The team is dedicated to delivering the best quality solutions to our clients in a friendly fashion.



Tim Lo



Tim has wide-ranging experience and thorough knowledge of construction from inception to completion, working for both Contractors and Consultants. He also has excellent managerial, client liaison and presentation skills at all levels in business.

Tim’s experience includes leading the financial and commercial evaluation of individual contracts, supporting commercial negotiations with clients and suppliers in order to protect financial position, mitigating and minimising commercial and contractual risk, providing financial and commercial advice and leadership to achieve the overall business objectives, identifying any ‘contracted risk’ in individual contracts and ensuring all activities are reviewed in accordance with corporate guidelines and the ‘risk review’ processes.


Sam Ifanse

Appointed person for lifting operations and Civil Engineer.


Samuel Ifanse is the contracts director and appointed person here at Design & Construct.

Samuel came into the industry over 15 years ago with a burning desire to succeed and make a difference in this ever-changing industry. Quickly working his way through the ranks, he amassed a plethora of skills and qualifications to back up the vast experience gathered along the way.
10 years into his tenure, working as a lifting operative and construction site manager, the confidence and belief was established to later set up a Lifting management company which he successfully ran for 5 years, working on a host of projects with different systems, ideas and personnel. It was in this defining period that he met and partner up with Sergej to form Design & Construct.


Sergej Jovanovic

Structural and Civil Engineer, Temporary Works Coordinator.


Sergej’s career so far has seen him amass skills in design coordination, project engineering, quality assurance and project managing across various sites. Up till now he has specialised in RC frames, project engineering, site set-up / management and logistics. He is putting efforts to become one of the leading waterproofing specialists.

In the past decade, Sergej has worked on a broad spectrum of projects, from small domestic and commercial projects to big landmark projects with slipforms and complex structures.

He now looks to further his career with the joint formation of this company with a vision of innovation and success.